QRehab makes automatic planning accessible to reahbilitation and physiotherapy centers.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation planning

Managing a rehabilitation center often involves scheduling an army of physiotherapists and other specialists, nurses, and ancillary personnel, not to mention equipment and space availability.

QRehab not only offers extra output but is vital for workforce engagement and balance too. By taking patients’ and staff’s specific requirements and needs and other constraints that might impact the workforce, and being able to produce new agendas in seconds, it avoids extra effort and stress caused by last-minute changes.

A significant finding from the first adoption was the halving of the scheduling and activity recording time.

The time saved by the therapists can be productively used for the disinfection of equipment, to update patients’ goals and progression, or to deliver additional treatments, with no subtraction to the mandatory patients’ treatment time.
From a qualitative point of view, the constraints imposed by QRehab establish explicit governance standards in planning the activities to be provided to patients, which can be constantly audited measuring the variance between the planned and delivered activities.


Hospitals and their workforce
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Treatments planned monthly
Time saved per report
To plan one day of activity

Success stories

Istituti Clinici Scientifici Maugeri

Healthcare Group ICS Maugeri, Italy

ICS Maugeri SpA Società Benefit is a medical practice company based in Pavia, Italy. It manages a network of 18 hospitals in six Italian regions. According to the Italian Health Ministry and University and Research Ministry, 9 of them are research hospitals (IRCCS).

Maugeri decided to adopt SurgiQ’s technologies as part of the Digital Gym project. Our platform supports ICS Maugeri’s physiotherapists in tasks such as planning and scheduling, both short and long-term. 

Our Artificial Intelligence-based engine takes into account several constraints and preferences, such as working time, available equipment, clinical needs, and patients’ preferences, supporting the tailoring of rehabilitation services and increasing the capability to react to any unforeseen events in the treatment course.

Results show that the technology can support coordinators to solve the planning task in a couple of minutes while taking into account many different constraints, satisfying at the same time management’s, patient’s and workforce’s requirements.

The client measured savings of about 20’ per day per therapist and more than 10’ of additional treatment delivered per day to each patient.


How to get it

Our solutions are ready to use, stand alone in the cloud. We deliver it prepared for settings. Set them up is a process of setting each client’s requirements on specific preferences and constraints: this pattern can be altered at anytime as part of the team learning process.

Using any browser schedulers get access to their account and start planning.

Operational people receive planning and agendas to consult, then they can input reporting alterations if required.

How long will an implementation project take?

The implementation of the solution is carried out in a time frame of 2 – 3 weeks, much of this time is required for operators to understand the mechanisms and define specific parameters and preferences, then testing results.

How much does a hospital solution cost?

A fully operative solution may cost as much as 1 hour labour of just 1 operator per day in Rehabilitation Centres.

Surgical Theatres planning cost less than 20 minutes of just 1 surgical theatre.

What is the ROI?

Against a cost of 1 hour of 1 operator a QRheab AI-planning solution provides savings for 1,5 hours per scheduler per day plus 25 minutes for each therapist per day.

Time savings at operational level mainly take place at reporting time
Time savings for scheduler is significant on each scheduling session (-50%)

Our clients report an output enhancement that may result in more than one added treatment per day per therapist.

The break-even takes place with 1 added patient per day at each centre.

Surgical Theatres planning may be even more valuable: with 20 minutes of just 1 theatre allocated per day the SurgiQ planning solution matches its break-even.

How heavily will the workforce be involved?

Our solutions are capable of facilitating daily duty of schedulers and operational people as well. For this reason the impact on the workforce is extremely positive: less effort to achieve more output.

Nurse and operational workforce easily feel the benefits of relying on the automated scheduler. No need to discuss boundaries anymore, no need to suffer rest deprivation or vacation shrinking. More time for family duties and more effective use of time at work.

What results do we expect to see?

Metrics of any of our solutions in place may be:

Time saving
Each Scheduler up to 90 min a day
Each Therapist up to 25 min a day
Daily Reporting smooth and easy, no more errors or missing reports
1 patient per day added every therapist
Organisational learning
More productive procedures to organise the work
Better environment for people: enhanced work/life balance routine. It may result in more productivity

Empower users with insights

Keep control

Users can approve or change the suggested plan

Data Ownership

Data is encrypted and fully client-controlled

Team Working

Collaboration is key. We help teams communicate better

Boost Efficiency

A better working environment means better outcomes

Start saving now!

A new implementation for a hospital is a matter of days. Our solutions are ready to use in the cloud. Implementation is about setting each client’s requirements about preferences and constraints: the parameters for their own planning.


Is a stand alone, fully functional, totally integrable solution that gives you  full control on OR resource allocation. Set up constraints and preferences parameters, then decide the rules to govern them. This is now an easy process: start today governing the whole process from a different perspective.

SurgiQ  – QRehab

Is a fully functional, stand alone, totally integrated solution to support schedulers in optimising people shifts, patients treatments and any related resource. Set your constraints and preferences parameters then decide the rules to govern them. This is now an easy process: you can start today creating a better workload balance among therapists, and a more efficient relationship between management and operational people.

SurgiQ  – QPlanner

The AI-engine embeddable into third parties hospitals management tool. Some vendors are already capable of embedding our solutions in their EHR. This approach enables healthcare providers to power dashboard and automatic scheduling features, as per suggesting best possible surgery dates, into their existing management software.

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