Who we are

When we started, we wanted to create a company focused on people, where each element works with the aim of creating better working conditions for our users and consequently for their patients.
A strong commitment to developing solutions designed around the needs of healthcare professionals that translate into a concrete impact on the society in which we live.
This is also the reason that motivates talent to join and stay with the company.
And probably our most important competitive advantage.

Bringing efficiency in
healthcare providers' planning

Arianna Poggi

Working in SurgiQ is an opportunity, which provides me a way to contribute to something special and innovative, help people work and live better.

Antonio Specchia

In my long career I met few companies with the four elements aligned: a great product, a demanding market, a fantastic team and a healthy organisational culture. SurgiQ is one of them, that's why I work here.

Gloria Pedemonte

Working for SurgiQ gives me the opportunity to continuously grow my skills in a highly knowledgeable and supportive team. To top it off, it provides me with a greater purpose than myself to do that

Ivan Porro

We are facing a great market opportunity, we achieved remarkable milestones and results that make me think we are on the right track for a great success. The market needed real, tangible innovation and we are here to make it happens with everyone who trust on us. We are creating better healthcare for everyone, patients as well as operators, this is my reason why.

An Italian startup with a world class mission

SurgiQ was born in 2016 when we realized the pain of healthcare efficiency would be partially relieved by better planning. Our mission was set as improve the planning capability of the healthcare provider to improve a better healthcare service to everyone.

Today the team includes several high-level scientists in AI as well as computer science and healthcare expert to develop and provide only solutions that truly match the healthcare providers’ needs.


SurgiQ’s development has been co-funded by the Regione Liguria European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (POR-FESR, Asse 1.2.4).

The research and development activities carried out in the framework of the RIPE project allowed SurgiQ to develop Artificial Intelligence algorithms for the automatic scheduling of hospitals’ resources.


SurgiQ is among the winners of the EIT Health Headstart 2020 competition. Activities carried out during the program allowed SurgiQ to enter new markets and close a seed funding round.




SurgiQ Srl
Genova, Italy


SurgiQ Ltd
London – Manchester


SurgiQ Srl
Genova, Italy


SurgiQ Ltd
London – Manchester


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